Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIDNEY KATE!!! I can not believe you are 1 today! You are the most precious thing in your daddy and I's life and I can not even imagine my life without waking up to your sweet voice everyday. You are talking more everyday but there are only few words that I understand. You say, hi, bye, baby, daddy, mommy, puppy, gabby, nanny and alot of other darling words that I can't understand at all, but your daddy and I love how you babble on coversations like we know exactly what you are talking about. You are no longer taking formula daily and are almost done with the bottle! Right now you have 1-2 bottles a day with whole milk but hopefully in the next week you will be only using sippy cups. You are a table eater now and enjoy almost everything your daddy and I like but I can not get you to eat green beans, but I will keep trying. You are not a big eater but you are trying more things daily and I see your intake increasing. You are finally drinking very good out of your sippy and love your water and juice. You are wearing 12 month clothes and are wearing size 3 sometimes 4 diapers.

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