Thursday, December 30, 2010

A New Year

I can hardly believe that we are a little bit more than 24 hours to a new year. 2010 has been a year of blessings, heartache, new adventures and a lot of laughs. This year I have been learning to be a mom, I feel that everyday I learn more but this past year has been an adventure to say the least on learning how to be a mom and what type of mom I desire to be. I am blessed with such a darling, hilarious and laid back daughter. Sidney Kate and I have been able to share a lot of laughs together this year and even some tears when she was challenging my nerves. I cant thank God enough for allowing me to be able to stay home with Sidney Kate and I continue to learn juggling being a mom, keeping up with the house and being a wife. I pray that in 2011 that God will continue to challenging me to rely on him to get through my days and learn more about his never dying love for us. This year I was faced with heartache, that I have never felt before, my best friend lost her son in May who was four days younger than Sidney Kate. I have never been faced with the type of hurt, confusion and loss that I felt through this but I will say that God really showed me so much about himself through this, I am sad to say this but I have never clung on to him and earned for his affection and comfort more in my life and I am thankful for now that the earning is a daily feeling I have for him. I crave to learn more about him and to live my life to glorify him in all that he does for us. Through all the heartache I have learned more that I can ever put in words and I am thankful for that. Isaiah will forever be missed and thought of but I love how every day that I think of him it brings a big smile to my face because through his 11 months of life he has taught me so much.

I am so excited about 2011 and what it will bring! Reilly and I are thrilled that we are going to a be growing family in 2011. I hope that I can continue to dig deeper in God's word and learn more about the person he desires us to be, I hope to be a more patience mom and wife, cook more meals for Reilly and make as many fun memories as possible.

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