Sunday, April 17, 2011

I've been Tagged

I've been tagged by my most precious friend Lee Anne Stone

Places I Go:
1. Target
2. Hobby Lobby
3. Nanny & Papa's house
4. The Park

Favorite Smells:
1. Newborn Babies
2. High Maintenance Tyler Candle

3. Reilly's Cologne
4. Homemade Cookies

TV Shows:
1. Real Housewives/Any and all of them
2. American Pickers
3. Modern Family
4. Keeping up with the
Kardashians....actually I am currently loving Khloe and Lamar the most.

1. Sweet Home Alabama
2. Failure to Launch

3. Finding Nemo
4. 27 Dresses

1. First impressions of someone are usually right on. Follow your instinct. (Keeping this, thanks Lee)
2. Take time in each day to relax and play with your kids.

3. Always kiss your husband.
4. Make as many memories with your family as possible.

Favorite Things To Do:
1. Redecorate
2. Read Books to Sidney Kate
3. Have a drink on a patio
4. Spend time with my family and my friends!

1. Snakes
2. Putting away laundry
3. Hurtful People
4. Stupidity (Amen Amber, I'm keeping this one)

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