Sunday, October 2, 2011

Beckett 2 Month Stats

A few days ago I took Beckett to his 2 month appointment, I am sad that I did not get any pictures but glad that his first round of shots are over with.

He weighs 13lbs 11ounces- 81st percentile

He is 23 1/2inches tall-71st percentile

His head circumference is 16 inches-90th percentile

I still can't get over what a chunk he is, I love all his rolls and creases. He is wearing a size 2 diaper and 3 months clothing. I am sad to say that he is not the best sleeper at night. We have gone one time of a 4 hour stretch, lets all face it the boy does night like to miss a meal so we are usually up every 3 hours and he is eating 4 ounces of formula at a time. He is such a fun addition to our family and I can not wait to see more of his personality. Over the past two weeks he has started smiling all the time and is starting to coo back when talked to, his sweet little voice melts my heart.

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