Sunday, November 13, 2011

Potty Training

This past week we have officially started potty training and believe it or not, Sidney Kate has done great! She has not had an accident in 2 days and is now going to the potty on her own. This past week I have felt like a broken record asking her if she needed to go potty about every 10 minutes. She loves wearing "big girl panties" and her favorite panties are the Cinderella panties. When we first started potty training I set up a bowl of candy behind the potty and told her everytime she used the "big girl potty" then she would get some candy, I kept that up for about 4 days until she was consuming candy all day long so we have now resorted to a potty chart that she gets to put a sticker on and once she has it filled up we will be going to get a Barbie. I love her precious little booty in panties, her little booty is so precious! The next big step will be using the potty outside of the house and at Mother's Day Out. I am so proud of how good Sidney Kate has done with potty training and I hope that her not have accidents keeps up, it is so nice to possibly be done with 2 kids in diapers.

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