Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bunch of nothing

I have so failed on updating my blog daily or every other day, it is just life that is getting in the way. Sidney Kate has been busy crawling around the house and working on getting some more teeth. Bless her little heart, we are headed to the doctor this afternoon because she barely has any voice and has snot all over the place. I am not sure if this is because of teething or if she has a virus or something else. It is so sad to hear her little horse cry, she can barley even get it out. She has been a little bit more sluggish today but is still busy crawling around the house and figuring out that there is not just the living room, kitchen and her room in the house, she is now in almost every room of the house, just exploring and hiding from us.
The sun is shining today which makes me so happy but it is beyond freezing outside, I am trying so hard to not be negative and be thankful that the Lord let the beautiful sun shine today. I have had such a hard time not having the sun for over a week, but thankfully it is out today. I can hardly wait for warmer weather to get here because there are so many things I am wanting to do with Sidney Kate, like going to the park, taking walks, the zoo. pool etc. Thank you Lord for my precious little girl and for all the memories our little family will be making this summer and have already made.

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