Monday, April 12, 2010

10 Months Old

On Sunday, you were 10 months old, I can't believe in 2 months we will be having your first birthday party! You are walking all over the place and even starting to get a little bit of fast walking going on. You are still into everything but are starting to learn the word no and trying to decide if you would like to obey or do your own thing. Baby food is not your most favorite thing anymore, you would rather have what mommy and daddy are eating. You have become a big eater and now I am just trying to get you to learn to drink out of your sippy cup. You are about 19 pounds and are wearing 6-9 months clothes and still in a size 3 diaper. Over the past couple weeks the weather has been nice and you have loved being outside so we have made it a point to get outside whether it is to walk around in the grass or take a walk through the neighborhood. You are still taking two naps a day, some are better than others, but over the past week your two naps have been about 1 1/2 each and mommy is loving all that she can get done in that time. One of my many favorite things to do is go in your room after you have just woken up, you are standing in your crib with the biggest smile on your face and it melts my heart every time.

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