Tuesday, May 4, 2010

No Naps

Sidney Kate decided that she was such a big girl today that she did not need any naps. Are you kidding me, how am I suppose to get things done when she is not taking naps? Luckily she does not get cranky when she doesn't nap, she actually does not even slow down. She has been just strolling around the house with toys in her hands and putting everything over her head. I do not know what her obsession is but she puts everything over her head and it can be scary when we are dealing with a cord to the vacuum. She must think it is so funny because she immediately starts laughing as soon as she put an object over her head. Today while getting ready she was playing in my bathroom and I look at her and she has a one of my t-shirts over her entire head and she is walking around and running into things because she has her eyes covered. She seriously is the funnest kid ever.

Also did I mention, this girl is in to everything but it is so hard to get mad at her because she is such a cutie!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my, she's a busy body like Karter! Never a dull moment :)