Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gone Fishin'

Reilly took Sidney Kate on her first fishing experience and she loved it! She is pretty girly but at the same time, our girl loves to be outside and get dirty. It is so special to me the bond and love that Reilly and Sidney Kate have for each other. She is truly a daddy's girl and to see her eyes light up and the excitement she gets when he walks in the door melts my heart every single time!

I feel like this weekend has come and gone very quickly, Reilly has been super busy with work, Real Estate and odd projects that he has been getting home late in the evenings this weekend. Luckily we were able to spend some time together this weekend and go to a movie, thanks to Gigi for being such a great grandma and coming over and playing with SK. I am excited for the week ahead because Reilly is off all weekend, the weather is suppose to be nice mid week and on Friday we find out if Sidney Kate is having a little brother or little be continued!!

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