Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sleepy Girl

Today we have been stuck inside all day due to the lovely Oklahoma weather, I don't know about yall but I am so ready for Spring! I am not excited about tomorrow being another stuck in the house day. Hopefully I will at least get something productive done because today has been nothing but laying around and being lazy. Sidney Kate has had a fun day with her mommy and daddy being home all day giving her all the attention. I had to post the above picture because her smile these days cracks me up!

She played so hard with us that she took a record afternoon nap for this afternoon for 3 hours! I kept checking on her because she has never slept for that long, she usually takes two naps a day for about an hour each. She must of known that mommy and daddy were wanting a little time this afternoon to do nothing and lay on the couch a watch TV.

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