Monday, January 11, 2010

Time is flying by.

I can not believe you are 7 months today Sidney Kate! These past 7 months have gone so quickly and I am loving the little girl you are turning in too. I feel like you get funnier everyday with either the things you do or the faces you make. You are crawling everywhere now and getting into whatever is left on the ground, you are also pulling up on anything that you can. We had to lower your crib over 2 weeks ago because you now pull up and are standing up when we go in your room to pick you up. You are eating baby food 3 times and day and still having your bottles. You spent the night out at Nanny and Papa's for the first time on Friday and did so good with them. Papa said you nuzzled yourself right up next to him through the night. You are such a little ham these days and love all the attention when we are out in public so you are constantly making the funniest faces and smiling at everyone. I love you so much and cherish every day that I have with you!

I am starting this blog not only because I am addicted to reading everyone else's and thought I would join the fun but also for a somewhat scrapbook for Sidney Kate. If your wondering about the name of the blog, my husband Reilly thought of it because he said it is like we are airing all our laundry out to the public. Isn't he so funny and creative. :)

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