Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cabin Fever

Can you believe the winter we have had here in Oklahoma? It has been beautiful but I am no so over it and ready for the sunshine and warmth. I don't know about ya'll but we are so ready to get out of this house! It is always nice to be home for an entire day but after that day I just can't handle being stuck inside and I know Sidney Kate like to get out also. I love this picture because it is like she is looking at me and asking can we please go outside mommy.

Finally Reilly was home from the station and we were determined to get out, even if it was just running a few errands. While I was finishing getting ready, Reilly thought it would be fun to get a picture with SK riding on Murphy, can't you see the excitement in Murphy's eyes. She does well with Sidney Kate but I feel she would like it much better if she was the only baby in the house like the old days before our precious SK.

Although I am so tired of this weather it still looks so beautiful outside. I had to get a picture of our house before it all started to melt. I think we have only lost one tree and it is on the side of the house and really, I don't even think I liked the tree in the first place so it's okay.
Last night was a very long night for us, SK decided she wanted to be awake more than half the night and usually she is a good sleeper. She is teething so I am hoping that is why she is not sleeping as well and it will pass soon. Luckily her GiGi came down today and played with her so that mommy could get a little of rest. It is so nice to have such a loving and helpful family.

I'm hoping she stays this peaceful through the night in her crib. Tomorrow Reilly and I start our low carb adventure, wish us luck! I made sure to have a piece of chocolate, french fries and a Dr. Pepper tonight.

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